Vertex Acquires Edge Computing Company Tellutax to Extend its Global Leadership in Tax Technology

Vertex, a tax technology and service provider, announced that it has acquired Tellutax, an edge computing technology startup. Tellutax designs edge-based technology utilizing a container architecture. The technology optimizes tax content by limiting only data needed for specific locations, ultimately accelerating tax determination and reducing the footprint of the edge service.

Tellutax was founded in 2018 by two accomplished executives in tax automation software. Tellutax CEO Eric Ruud was formerly a managing director at Thomson Reuters, while Tellutax Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Eric Christian co-founded Sabrix and led the design and development of its indirect tax software platform. Sabrix was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2009. 

“Vertex is a global leader in indirect tax automation and has a proven track-record across multiple generations of technology,” commented Christian. “We believe edge computing will be the next generation of technology in our industry and we are thrilled to help Vertex accelerate this transformation.”

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