Accounting Today 2020 Top 100 People Extra: Urgent Issues

As part of this year’s Top 100 Most Influential People survey, Accounting Today asked, “What is the most important issue currently facing the accounting profession?" Vertex Chief Tax Officer, Michael Bernard, and Vice President of Tax Research, Bernadette Pinamont, shared their responses. 

Talent. There just is not enough great talent to go around for all of the business demands facing the profession. The only way to address this is for Business Schools to continue to provide a quality education to accounting and tax students – but also once they are in the profession to ensure they are given opportunities where their interests and gifts are best utilized. It is also incumbent of all accounting and tax professionals to be curious and lifelong learners and for firms and companies to provide or encourage relevant and quality continuing education.

Michael Bernard
Chief Tax Officer
Vertex Inc.

Meeting the high standards of regulatory reporting and analysis given the emerging financial and tax complexities facing clients and businesses in today’s digital world.

Bernadette Pinamont
Vice President, Tax Research
Vertex Inc.

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