Vertex O Series Edge

Calculate tax at the point of transaction using edge computing.

Vertex Inc.

Edge deployment delivers ultimate control

Vertex O Series Edge lets you calculate tax at the point of transaction but manage it centrally – for the highest availability, improved control over performance, and a streamlined tax technology landscape. Don’t let tax create friction in your business – move it to the edge.

Features & Benefits

Build the best approach for your business


Deploying the tax engine using edge technology eliminates network connectivity and bandwidth issues in local store settings. Edge also enables fast automated scalability while minimizing latency to address increased demand on e-commerce websites, especially during peak traffic.

Vertex Inc.


Eliminate most (if not all) network latency in processing a transaction. Edge containers provide consistent, reliable performance since they calculate without an internet connection.

We prepare, file, and pay your monthly compliance accurately and on-time, while still providing you with centralized transparency into the data, returns, communications, and reports.

Centralized Control

With an edge deployment, tax is calculated locally with minimal friction. Data and telemetry are streamed to a main hub intelligently to centralize reporting, compliance, and maintenance. You’ll eliminate the cumbersome and resource-heavy maintenance of a wide network of local endpoints



Customize individual containers for each specific line of business, region, or any other way you organize your business. Deploy only the tax content needed for that location.

Vertex Cloud Data Integrity Data Validation

Data Security

Transactions are processed and tax is calculated behind the company firewall which minimizes traffic through the firewall. PII never needs to leaves the local network.

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