Vertex Community

Vertex Community

We want to make it easier to do business with us. The Vertex Community is not only a one-stop-shop for all tools, resources, training and education, but it is also an enhanced support portal that will make it easier and faster for you to get resolutions to your questions, as well as make Vertex’s ability to respond to your needs, quicker. The Vertex Community is your primary channel for getting in touch with us, and we're constantly adding a wealth of resources to help you be successful.

What’s included in the Vertex Community?

  • Customer Support
    Solve your issues with ease. You can easily log, track, and resolve support tickets.
  • Knowledge Articles
    All the knowledge you need in one central location. You can get tips and tricks from a continuously updated knowledge base.
  • Training
    Vertex University offers a variety of training options — browse course catalog, schedule a virtual instructor led course or watch an On-Demand recorded course at your convenience.
  • Community Forum
    Collaborate with other customers. Customers can exchange ideas and best practices, network with one another, discuss industry topics and connect with Vertex thought leaders.
  • Tax & Product Updates
  • Customer Events & Webcasts
    Find an upcoming event. Engage with other Vertex customers and our partners at upcoming events.

Instructions for Accessing the Vertex Community

If you do not currently have Vertex Community login credentials, you can request them here. You will need your company’s account number in order to request these credentials. If you do not know your account number, please contact your company’s admin or contact support at

If you have been designated as the admin for your account, you have been given rights to approve login requests from others in your organization in the Vertex Community. Because you are responsible for approving others within your organization, please be sure to monitor your pending account queue periodically for new requests. For more information, please refer to the Vertex Community Admin Tour Video below for a walk-through on approving or denying account access.


FAQ Sheet

Training Videos

Vertex Community Tour

In this video, we cover the basics of the Vertex Community and show you how to navigate the homepage, submit and track a case, and access the knowledge base.

Vertex Community - Admin Tour

In this video, we'll go over administrator functions on the Vertex Community, showing you how to manage existing users, create new users, and pay invoices.

Vertex Community - MSO User Tour

In this video, we'll go over some of the functionality of the Vertex Community, specific to Managed Services Outsourcing (MSO) users.

Vertex Community - MSO Administrator Functions

In this video, we'll go over functions for Managed Services Outsourcing (MSO) Administrators on the Vertex Community. You'll learn how to manage existing users, create new users, and pay invoices. We'll also take a look at functionality available on the Outsourcing Services Portal.

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If you have any outstanding questions, please reach out to or contact your Vertex account representative.