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Is your global business growth at risk due to the complexities of indirect tax when entering new markets?


Which method of managing cross-border indirect tax liabilities does your organisation use?


Are you confident your organisation’s invoicing complies with indirect tax rules or are you concerned about invoicing management when expanding geographically?


To what extent do the ever changing and expanding tax rules across multiple territories impact your business’ ability to grow confidently?


How complex does your business find Customer Location Determination; and is it a barrier to expanding your business globally?


How involved are you or how much influence do you currently have regarding planning and deciding how to grow your business globally?

Summary Report Introduction

Thanks for answering the benchmarking questions. These are designed to help you position yourself amongst your peers in terms of indirect tax management. You’ll get an overview report explaining your score and highlighting how well (or not) you’re doing. This will give you some general recommendations as to what you can do to ensure tax becomes a growth enabler rather than an inhibitor when considering new markets. In addition, you’ll also receive a specific report for each question, going into more details about the implications of your current position and suggesting a way forward. The research behind the reports was based on a survey of 730 tax and finance decision makers from businesses making cross border sales online, with a turnover of $20 to $400 million. Use your reports to help you ramp up your indirect tax management and take your business to the next level.

You’re only covering the basics

From your response to the six questions, it appears your organisation is struggling to manage the complexities of indirect tax rules. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. 73% of businesses state they find changing tax rules and rates complex and as these continue to change, tax management is likely to become an ever-increasing issue within the territories you currently sell.

However, if you don’t overcome the current friction, it will negatively impact your customer experience and allow your competitors to take advantage of any weaknesses within your customer journey. What’s more, your organisation’s ability to grow sales by expanding to new territories seems to be severely hampered. By relying on manual processes, you’re limiting improvements to efficiency and increasing risk. It’s important to realise that until your business focuses on achieving compliance and putting a robust indirect tax management system in place, any opportunities for global expansion will be inhibited.

You’re getting there

Although your organisation has some strengths, you’ll need to address its weaknesses around indirect tax before you can confidently expand into new territories. With every business facing multiple indirect tax obstacles, only 20% of those surveyed considered themselves an 'expert' in a particular area of indirect tax. Conversely, this means 4 out of 5 businesses recognise shortcomings within their current indirect tax management process. So, to drive your business forward with confidence, you’ll need to address the weaknesses identified and find a comprehensive indirect tax solution that will meet your business needs both now and into the future. As you move into new territories or explore new sales channels, focus on minimising risk to maximise your sales opportunities.

You’re moving up a gear

It sounds like you’re making real progress. As our survey showed, 68% of businesses have entered new markets over the past two years. However, this brings challenges with it. Improving indirect tax management to deal with growing complexity is necessary but can be seen as a key growth opportunity. That’s why it’s good to note your business is in the 50% of companies who feel they have a strong indirect tax management process. However, there is always potential for improvement, not least in terms of realising even greater global expansion through improved indirect tax management. Keeping up to date with the ever-changing tax rules and rates, in parallel with entering new territories and achieving ambitious sales growth will ensure a seamless customer experience at the digital point of sale - ensuring your customers come back to you time and time again.

You’re a high achiever

Your score shows you’re doing well and just need to make a few tweaks. Although your organisation is in the top 25% in terms of managing indirect tax, it’s important to prioritise and implement a frictionless commerce solution to your customers. In fact, our research shows 68% of respondents identify a seamless sales experience as a strategic priority. Delivering a frictionless buying experience that integrates as naturally as possible into a customer’s everyday activity, will not only facilitate a positive experience but will drive sales, improve customer loyalty, and ease expansion into new territories.

Encouragingly, over 4 in 5 tax/finance professionals are becoming increasingly involved in growth conversations and plans within their organisation, so make sure you continue to keep an eye on future developments. Explore specialist tax technologies that will evolve as your business grows, delivering competitive advantage, and enabling further growth across the globe.

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