Vertex Sales Tax Q Series Version 3.X

As, Vertex no longer supports Sales Tax Q Series 3.x, we are no longer accepting new registrants for the 3.x certification of Sales Tax Q Series. Existing candidates can continue on in the curriculum, all of the curriculum/courses/content will remain available. Development of a Certification for Sales Tax Q Series 6.x is under consideration and, based on customer interest, may be offered at a later date. If you are interested in getting certified on Sales Tax Q Series please send the an email with your contact information.

I was apprehensive at first about an online training format. However, after starting the program, I really liked how the combination of live and self-paced modules made it easy to fit training into my already busy schedule. The online format worked great, and it was nice to save on the travel costs.
Tony Buffkin
Senior Manager of Sales & Use Tax Group; Dixon Hughes

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