Technical Account Manager

Seeking dedicated Vertex tax software support? See how a technical account manager can provide a superior level of support and guidance to maximize your investment in Vertex corporate tax solutions.

For dedicated Vertex tax software support, you can count on a Vertex technical account manager. Available at standard and extended levels of support, a technical account manager (TAM) can help you make the best use of your Vertex software and comply with your corporate tax requirements:

Standard TAM Support

  • Designated liaison and client advocate for all Vertex-related issues
  • High-level planning and ongoing guidance to ensure deployment success
  • Proactive notification of critical defects
  • Escalation and proactive follow up on key support issues
  • Guidance navigating the Vertex organization
  • Personal assistance to help resolve issues

Extended TAM Support

  • All the services of standard TAM support plus two on-site visits annually for in-depth guidance and problem solving

Engaging standard or extended TAM support can help optimize your ROI and minimize audit risk. The value of this support option is validated by the fact that on average, 80% of Vertex clients renew TAM support each year.

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