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Taxamo Advantage by Vertex

Automated global tax calculations fit seamlessly into your online sales journey and provide a solid foundation for managing compliance requirements.

Automate online tax calculations

Taxamo Advantage by Vertex automates online VAT, GST and U.S. sales tax calculations in real-time. Applying more accurate customer location determination and taxability rules across multiple countries and regions at point-of-sale, Taxamo Advantage by Vertex provides in-depth reports which you can use to remit your own taxes where you have a tax obligation.

Tax Automation Solutions & technology for e-commerce

Taxamo Advantage by Vertex will allow you to:

  • Apply real-time customer location determination and apply the correct tax treatment and calculation
  • One simple integration streamlines your tax management needs now and as you expand into new regions
  • Minimize risk in keeping up to date with rapidly evolving international VAT/GST and U.S. sales tax rules.
  • Produce tax reports for multiple tax authorities quickly and easily


Tax calculation for VAT/GST

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Tax threshold monitoring

Know when you are approaching tax thresholds in new regions and need to register for tax. With our unique global dashboard, you can track your online sales against the tax threshold rules set by each region, giving visibility where you may need to register for tax.

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Business tax number validation

Validate business tax numbers in real-time allowing your business to offer reverse charge (no VAT/GST charge) to business customers in countries that support the reverse charge rule.

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Compliant invoicing

Issue compliant invoicing across multiple tax jurisdictions, assisting you with adherence to specific country/region rules. From the most basic invoicing rules to the most complex, you’re covered.

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Foreign exchange rate application

Every tax jurisdiction dictates which exchange rate source must be applied to invoices and reports and which time point to use (time of invoice, time of the transaction, or end of the reporting period). Taxamo Advantage by Vertex provides a robust mechanism that allows you to source and apply the correct rate for every sale.

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Real-time VAT/GST reporting

Country-by-country and multi-currency reporting give your business valuable insight through CSV reports and five main customer data-driven dashboards/views: a global dashboard, transaction report, refund report, tax settlement reports, and VIES & domestic reports for EU businesses.

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Real-time customer location determination

Every time a customer goes through your online checkout, Taxamo’s unique solution determines the customer location in real-time and applies the correct VAT/GST treatment and calculation.

Optional filing and remittance service

You can add-on the optional Advantage Plus service for VAT/GST report preparation, filing, and remittance to tax authorities. You'll outsource the administrative work yet stay in control of compliance.


Tax calculation for U.S. Sales Tax

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Vertex O Series content

Taxamo Advantage by Vertex leverages tax content from the industry-leading Vertex Indirect Tax O Series. Its robust sales tax content, updated monthly, improves the accuracy of the right U.S. sales tax rate is applied to every transaction.

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U.S. customer location determination

With U.S. sales set at local as well as state level, Vertex offers three levels of location determination: ZIP code, ZIP+4 and full address validation.

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Tax exemption certificate support

Some U.S. businesses are exempt from paying sales tax and prove this using a state-issued tax exemption certificate. Taxamo Advantage by Vertex allows you to capture exemption certificate numbers, apply zero rate to tax-exempt sales, and report on tax-exempt sales.

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