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Vertex was the first to apply software technology to manage transaction tax. Today we're the industry leader in helping tax departments simplify and automate the complexity of calculating, collecting, and reporting on sales, consumer use, and retail taxes, as well as VAT, GST, and other transaction tax types. And we offer a full range of transaction tax software products and services.

These products and services can be integrated with Vertex Enterprise, which provides a single, unified Tax Performance Management platform that combines all the data, tax applications, and analytics needed to manage transaction tax activities on a global scale. Vertex Enterprise is the key to converting and managing the massive amounts of transaction data that flows through your organization every day.

All Vertex solutions are backed by more than 30 years of indirect and transaction tax and technology expertise plus strong relationships with Oracle, SAP and other leading ERP software providers.

Sales Tax

Transaction tax rates and rules are complex and ever changing—creating ongoing operational and compliance challenges for corporate tax departments. Vertex is the leader in applying technology to simplify and automate all aspects of this business process. Our sales tax management software gives your organization powerful tools for sales tax calculation, reporting, analysis, and compliance. 

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Consumer Use Tax

As states target consumer use tax as a source of much-needed revenue, organizations need a more consistent and effective way to manage this tax type. Vertex tax software enables you to centralize and automate use tax management—so you can accurately calculate and pay consumer use tax across your enterprise.

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Value Added Tax

Organizations that operate around the globe face significant work and costs associated with maintaining rates, rules, and logic for value added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), and other international indirect taxes. Since most ERP systems go no further than accounting for global tax rates, tax departments need a more advanced solution for determining taxability and then calculating, collecting, and reporting on VAT, GST, and other transaction taxes.

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Retail Industry

Retailers must manage increasingly complex sales tax regulations. As high-transaction businesses, you may be more vulnerable to audit. And you face ongoing compliance challenges as you grow and expand through mergers and acquisitions and evolve your eCommerce presence. Vertex offers the gold standard in tax management solutions designed specifically for retailers. Vertex solutions enable centralized and automated management of tax transactions across sales channels.

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Hospitality Industry

For hospitality companies operating online and in multiple jurisdictions, calculating taxes is extremely complex. It’s a challenge for hotels, restaurants and other traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, as well as online companies like travel marketplaces. 

With Vertex software and services, hospitality companies can centralize tax calculation—staying on top of rates and rules, calculating taxes across jurisdictions, and managing state and local returns. 

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Leasing Industry

When it comes to transaction tax management, companies with leasing and rental operations face a distinct set of compliance and regulatory challenges. Vertex tax solutions help tax professionals take control of the complexity, so you can support corporate tax objectives while addressing Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance requirements.

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Communications Industry

Communications providers count on Vertex tax solutions to help in managing tax & compliance processes. Vertex solutions manage tax rates and rules, calculate taxes across jurisdictions, and integrate with major billing systems. Our tax data and decision logic help communications companies more effectively manage taxability across business services. And because of their inherent scalability and flexibility, Vertex solutions represent a solid foundation for accommodating future growth and change.

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Returns Automation

With hundreds of forms, thousands of tax rates, tens of thousands of jurisdictions, and continual changes that affect your business, preparing and filing sales and consumer use tax returns is complicated. Managing this business process with a manual approach is incredibly time consuming, inefficient, and prone to error. By automating sales and use tax preparation and filing, Vertex software helps your tax department improve accuracy, efficiency, and audit performance.

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Exemption Certificate Manager

Vertex Exemption Certificate Manager (ECM) provides tax departments with an affordable and effective solution for reducing or eliminating time-consuming manual work of filling and managing tax exemption certificates. By supporting fast retrieval of any tax exemption, resale, or direct pay certificate stored in your system, the tool also helps you dramatically reduce, or even eliminate, the stiff penalties that can result from failing to produce valid certificates during an audit.

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Indirect Tax Reporting & Analysis

Your organization's transaction and taxability data offers a wealth of insights into tax, compliance, and business performance. With Vertex reporting and analysis software, you can tap into those insights with functionality you would expect from a much more expensive business intelligence tool. By diving into data, your tax department can increase efficiency, enhance audit performance, and deliver greater strategic value to the business.

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Payroll Tax

For tax departments, calculating local, state, and federal payroll taxes is complicated but critical. Use Vertex payroll tax software to take control of the complexity and meet employees' expectations for consistently accurate and reliable paychecks.

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