Woodard Soar: Scaling New Heights

A conference room with large floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing natural light in. A crowd of businesspeople in formal clothing takes up most of the image, with many of the people interacting with one another: holding conversation, shaking hands, et cetera. The people are all blurred, as if they are in motion.
Vertex Inc.

About This Event

Financial professionals can struggle with process inefficiencies, dated technologies, scope creep, and high friction with client collaboration, resulting in extreme workload pressures and limited capacity in their practices and lives.

In other words, they are “flapping” when they should be “soaring!”

The training sessions and main stage sessions at Scaling New Heights 2023 will address the issues above with cutting-edge education on practice management, pricing strategies, process automation technologies, hiring strategies, engagement management…and more!

Event Time & Details

Woodard Soar: Scaling New Heights

Jun 25, 2023Jun 28, 2023
Americas Center, St. Louis, MO

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There is a COST associated with this event.
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