Unlocking Global Growth: Navigating Indirect Tax in New Markets and Digital Channels

March 22, 2023
10:00AM - 11:00AM GMT

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Vertex Inc.

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Expanding your business into new markets or digital channels can be a great opportunity for growth. But the barriers to cross-border trade are getting tougher.

For many, the goal of an omnichannel, seamless sales process is hampered by new and complex foreign seller rules around the end-to-end management of VAT compliance, including tax determination, invoicing (both real time reporting and customer invoice), registration and filing and regulations on digital services.

To successfully navigate this red-tape, your finance, IT and tax teams must be aware of the requirements and challenges.

Don't let tax complexity hold back your growth potential. Join us on 22nd March as the experts at Vertex explore:

  • How to meet the real-time tax ID validation requirements for digital businesses
  • The impact of the buyer location on the VAT process, including invoicing, calculation and registration
  • The types of solutions available for determining the location of tax, calculating the applicable rate, managing thresholds and reporting tax
  • How leading companies manage VAT/GST compliance in 70+ countries

Expanding into new markets also opens additional tax obligations, but don’t let that stop you.

Attend this webinar to gain insight into the solutions available to help you ensure compliance in new markets.

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Unlocking Global Growth: Navigating Indirect Tax in New Markets and Digital Channels

Mar 22, 2023

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  • Niall Kiernan
    Senior Director of Product Management for eCommerce and Marketplaces, Vertex
  • Susie West
    CEO, sharedserviceslink
  • Gaurav Patney
    Director, EY