retailX 2021

The digital future of retail.

Vertex Inc.

About This Event

Whether undergoing a digital transformation for your retail business or expanding your online platform with cutting-edge technology, retailX is your education resource and networking partner. By registering for this year’s retailX conference, you will experience expert-led and research-based insights on the future of retail, encompassing the changed consumer, the digital age of shipping and fulfillment, e-commerce conversion optimization and more. 

Join Vertex at #retailX2021 and stay up-to-date on where trends and consumer behavior are heading within the retail industry as a whole – omnichannel, online, offline, and everywhere in between. 

Event Time & Details

retailX 2021

Aug 24, 2021Aug 25, 2021
2 Day Event

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Pricing details can be found on the registration site.

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