Retail Innovation Conference

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Join us for a unique online experience created by Retail TouchPoints. #RIC21 will tap into their digital roots and build upon more than a decade of immersive, engaging, and educational digital events to create an online experience that delivers the best of all worlds. Register today to experience:

  • Virtual Roundtables
  • 1:1 networking
  • Digital marketplaces
  • A curated solution zone that aligns with your role and interest Vertex Inc will be sponsoring a lunch and learn session, stay tuned for details.

Vertex Inc will be sponsoring a lunch and learn session: Tackling Returnageddon: How to Get Ahead of Inevitable Holiday Demand

Date & Time: November 17th, 2021 12:45PM to 1:15PM EST

Returns are an unavoidable part of retail operations, but new channels, consumer behaviors and supply chain pressures are creating a need for improvements. Consider this: the return rates for goods bought online are three times higher than in-store purchases, and they’re also more expensive to process. What does this mean for retailers as they bolster their omnichannel strategies and prepare for another digital surge during the holiday season? During this discussion, we’ll discuss what retail executives need to know going into the holiday season, and how they can best optimize operational efficiency and revenue performance. Register to learn: 

  • The new realities creating complex (and expensive) returns processes; 
  • Top tips and best practices for minimizing costs during peak selling periods; and 
  • Tools and tech that will help improve operations and overall customer experiences. 


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Retail Innovation Conference

Nov 16, 2021Nov 17, 2021

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