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Vertex is a proud sponsor of Oracle Breakthrough, a two-day conference jampacked with content covering both Oracle Applications and Technology. Join the UK Oracle community to get together and interact directly with industry experts, Oracle advocates and product managers. This is your opportunity to hear the latest updates from Oracle and learn tips & tricks from the community.

Attending this conference will benefit you from several insightful sessions led by knowledgeable speakers and help you gain valuable resources to stay ahead of the business game:

  • Develop best practice – save time and money by better understanding your product related challenges. Learn from Oracle experts in your field and gain access to world-leading content.
  • Connect with Oracle users and partners – building knowledgeable, well-connected teams can add value to your organisation.
  • Discover what the future holds – not only will you hear Oracle’s product management sharing their individual roadmaps for the future, but also you will receive expert, independent analysis about the significance of those announcements for today’s users Remember, our conference is not a marketing event it is a place where you can learn about Oracle’s future plans and how they will practically impact your business.

Sponsored speaker session to be announced soon. 

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Event Time & Details

Oracle Breakthrough

Dec 01, 2022Dec 02, 2022
Birmingham, United Kingdom, Eastside Rooms

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