Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2021

Learn from and connect with your world-wide Microsoft community.

Vertex Inc.

About This Event

At this year’s Microsoft Business Applications Summit, find out how business applications transform data from every source to give holistic guidance and improve decision making, enabling your organization to automate repeatable outcomes at scale. 

Attendees will learn how to innovate and solve problems with powerful solutions from the Microsoft cloud. This event will spotlight how Microsoft Teams integrates with Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications to bring together productivity, business processes, data and analytics in unified spaces for collaboration. 

Join us to get inspired, collaborate with the community, and find out how your peers are using business applications to drive more success. 

Event Time & Details

Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2021

May 04, 2021
7.5 Hour

Event Pricing

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Our Partnership with Microsoft Dynamics

Vertex offers tightly coupled tax solutions into a large number of the Dynamics ERP platforms, allowing companies of all sizes to manage their entire business effectively.

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