Make it Count: Technology to Meet and Exceed Digital Buyer Expectations

Vertex Inc.

About This Event

In today’s accelerated e-commerce market, digital business buyers come at sellers from all sides. 

How can e-commerce organizations of all sizes embrace the technology that enables them to serve business buyers across multiple touchpoints, including by e-commerce sites and apps, on B2B marketplaces and elsewhere? 

How can even small organizations successfully evaluate and implement today’s “must have” e-commerce applications that give buyers the B2C features they want even while making complex B2B transactions? 

What are the right digital tools sellers need to successfully master increasingly complicated sales tax management? 

To provide answers to these questions and more, join a panel of knowledgeable analysts, subject matter experts and practitioners on this e-commerce chat that gives attendees hands on advice and best practices on how to plan, find, and implement the right digital commerce applications that drive sales and turn one-time buyers into loyal return customers. 

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Make it Count: Technology to Meet and Exceed Digital Buyer Expectations

Sep 14, 2021
- ET
60 minutes

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  • Shannon Kelly
    Partner Marketing Manager - eCommerce, Vertex
  • Yoav Kutner
    Co-Founder, CEO of OroCommerce
  • Mark Brohan
    Vice President and Director of B2B Research, Digital Commerce 360