International Conference on Global Trade and Tax

Tax Exemptions vs. Tax Exceptions - what's the difference?
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Vertex is pleased to be a gold sponsor of this two day SAP event where you will hear from numerous global SAP customers, including Siemens, Adidas, Volvo, Grundfos, Swiss Re, Bosch, and Vinci Energies amongst others about VAT process automation, simplified reporting and consolidation, streamlined regulatory compliance and integrated digital transformation.

Vertex/Siemens speaker session:
The value of implementing a tax engine globally: the blueprint for change

Join our speaker session with our customer Siemens to learn how we are working together to change its global ERP from SAP R/3 to SAP S4 including the implementation of a tax engine to increase global compliance. In this session, we will discuss the need for global change, the opportunities for tax and challenges and pitfalls to avoid when undertaking global tax transformation. Find out more and register here and see how you can streamline and simplify compliance, reduce risk, and automate their cross-border operations and global trade functions.

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International Conference on Global Trade and Tax

Nov 08, 2022Nov 09, 2022
Amsterdam, Netherlands, Hyatt Amsterdam Airport

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