The B2B Marketplace Mix: Eliminating E-commerce Growth Hurdles

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As retailers continue to look beyond traditional selling models for new revenue and growth opportunities, marketplaces have emerged as a new forum to bring buyers and sellers together. Business channels are converging, all in the spirit of reaching a larger customer base while offering a wider range of products and services.

These cross-channel marketplaces offer a new way of meeting and interacting with potential customers while offering a fast, reliable, and seamless user experience. Yet, as retail organizations expand their e-commerce reach, they must also quickly comply with an array of regional and international tax laws. Join our live panel as they examine the obligations and barriers that marketplaces face regarding value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST) and sales tax, such as:

  • Keeping pace with everchanging global tax complexities 
  • Supporting market access and scalability to easily add additional jurisdictions
  • Implementing secure integrations with high availability and fast response times

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