Get Accurate VAT Treatment in Your Procurement Process

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May 15, 2020

About the Webinar

The trend towards real-time VAT reporting for invoices is more than ever driving a need for real time VAT validation and enhanced performance within your procure-to-pay process. Real-time reporting means getting tax right the first time and recording tax decisions correctly at the moment a transaction occurs. 

By integrating a third-party tax engine with your procurement implementation, your business can mitigate several sources of VAT risks by reducing the manual intervention and accurately calculating the VAT rate and deductibility—enabling you to make more informed supply chain and budgetary decisions.

The session will exemplify our integration with SAP Ariba and capture key takeaways that will be useful for your procurement process.

Session Topics:

  • What to consider when transforming a procurement process.
  • How your procurement function can leverage Vertex Indirect Tax O Series for validation of VAT invoices and accurate VAT calculation, removing the need to apply the correct tax coding.
  • The main drivers behind applying a real-time VAT validation.

We will also demonstrate how Vertex Indirect Tax O Series can provide a real-time validation to the SAP Ariba accounts payable process.


11.00am - 12.00pm CET


  • Ellen Van Daal | Sales Engineer | Vertex
  • Andreas Sturesson | Senior Manager, Tax Management Consulting | Deloitte
  • Hasib Parsa | Consultant, Tax & Legal | Deloitte

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