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About This Event

EnvisionB2B is back! The second annual EnvisionB2B Conference & Exhibition will tackle the most critical issues in B2B ecommerce today. Brought to you by Digital Commerce 360, the global leader in ecommerce research and media, EnvisionB2B is a highly valuable event for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and resellers.  

EnvisionB2B attendees will have the unique opportunity to: 

  • Get up to date from industry experts on the latest developments in B2B ecommerce technology and how they can help your online business 
  • Learn how a B2B company deployed a new digital technology ecosystem—including product information management and CRM—to better connect with their channel partners and customers 
  • Hear from B2B ecommerce executives on why they deployed headless commerce technology and how it works for them 
  • Collaborate directly experts and expand their personal B2B ecommerce network 

Event Time & Details


Jun 20, 2023Jun 22, 2023
Chicago, IL

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