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CIO Institute Event will discuss the latest trends and challenges currently present to technology leaders and express how different professionals will utilise technology, processes and leadership to gain a competitive advantage in 2021. The event has a dynamic, agile mix of thought leadership and best practice strategies.

Vertex Keynote Session

Driving change – teaming tax and IT to regain control

11.45 - 12:30 GMT

In this session, discover how to improve accuracy and efficiency across your tax and IT processes. This collaboration allows for the tax department to optimise VAT determination technology with Vertex whilst the IT department accomplishes standardisation and elimination of numerous tax customisations across your ERP instances. Teaming tax with IT allows you to centralise and standardise your processes to regain control at a central level so you can transform your indirect tax operations.

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CIO Institute: UK 2021

Mar 04, 2021
8.5 hours

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  • Wendy Fischnaller
    Business Development Director of UKI, Vertex Inc.

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Reduce risk and get the agility needed to support business growth with a scalable solution for VAT & GST determination.

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