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About This Event

Vertex is a proud sponsor of the CFO Engage Summit, hosted by the Executive Leaders Network. The event will take place on 18th May in Reading (UK) and will bring together over 80 senior finance leaders for a full day of talks, 1:1 meetings, and networking.

The primary goal of this summit is to discuss new technologies, current trends, and to assist in the resolution of industry challenges. You will hear talks from fantastic speakers, be able to network with your peers, and meet vendors while enjoying a relaxed but focused atmosphere.

Finance Topics include:

  • The path to Total Finance Transformation
  • Responding to post pandemic customer behaviours
  • Net Zero Challenge and the CFOs Role
  • The pressures of rising operating costs and what to do about it
  • How to ensure technology investment is value driven
  • Data and Analytics - Golden Nuggets

Event Time & Details

CFO Engage Summit

May 18, 2023
Reading, UK, Reading Football Stadium

Event Pricing

There is a cost for this event. Please check pricing details at registration.