Automate your VAT processes with tax technology

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About This Event

Deloitte and Vertex are pleased to be hosting a second event on automating VAT processes using tax technology.

Join us at this event where we will continue exchanging on how to support your tax function to keep up with the constantly changing tax and regulatory landscape - from automating your global VAT determination, compliance, and reporting to VAT data management for an end-to-end approach to your indirect tax processes.

Learn how Vertex, together with the know-how and ERP-integration expertise from Deloitte, can support all these functions within your business be it on a single ERP or a more complex IT landscape.

Unlike in our previous edition, we would like to open the event up to make it more ERP agnostic. Of course, SAP expertise will be present at the round table still.

Attend our event and gain an understanding of the important considerations global companies face when using their ERP for tax determination.

Tax Control Framework and roll of a tax engine - The value of a tax engine and compliance solutions to automate and support your global VAT requirements.

Best practices and pitfalls to avoid during implementation.

This event is a great opportunity for you to network with your peers and other senior tax and technology experts. Spaces are limited so register now to reserve your place.

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Automate your VAT processes with tax technology

Mar 05, 2024
Deloitte Office Geneva Rue du Pré-de-la-Bichette 1, 1202 Geneva Switzerland

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