Is Your Tax ERP Holding You Back?

These six questions can help you determine if it’s time to rethink your current ERP system.

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6 questions to ask about your current ERP

If your ERP software is impeding business agility — or you’re adhering to best practices simply because they’re coded in your ERP software — it may be time to rethink your ERP system. In this infographic, we go through six question to help you determine whether it’s time to rethink your ERP and move forward with digital transformation:

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Prepare for changing customer behaviors and market dynamics

Many ERP suites in use today were installed over a decade ago when business conditions were quite different. Processes were paper-bound, communication was expensive, and customer interaction channels were limited. As a result, this limited interactions with customers and made it difficult for stakeholders to anticipate changes in customer behavior or market dynamics.

Add to that constantly changing tax laws, and many companies still operating with these outdated systems are at a disadvantage when making decisions that impact the bottom line.

Discover a new approach to ERP

Learn whether your current ERP system is holding your business back and how to move forward with an ERP upgrade in this white paper: Digital Transformation Demands a New Approach to ERP.

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