SMB Digital Transformation – Prioritizing AI & Technologies for Success

Two businesswomen in casual dress sit across from one another in a cozy lounge area. They both have laptops, phones, and paperwork on the coffee table as they work.

As we head into 2023, it is important for SMBs to continue to prioritize their digital transformation journeys. 

In this on-demand webcast recording from the Argyle SMB Finance Leadership Forum: SMB Finance Strategies for Growth, hear from Chris Zangrilli, Vice President of Technology Strategy, and Marc Duclos, Senior Director of Global Strategic Partnerships, as they discuss best practices for aligning company leadership on visions and goals for 2023. 

Chris and Marc will also address the importance of investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and how the value can be shown through reducing time and effort to prepare data insights for your company. 

Watch this webcast to learn:

  • Best practices for digital transformation initiatives
  • The power of AI and how to track its value
  • The constant evolution in cloud computing technologies and user experience

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