Vertex's Larry Mellon on accurate taxation, compliance, and audit risk

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Larry Mellon, Tax Director – Chief Tax Office at Vertex, sheds light on potential risks that businesses grapple with when they rely on their ERP's native tax functionality rather than a dedicated tax engine. 
Larry tells us about his history with Vertex, working both internally and with both customers and jurisdictions on tax matters. He discusses some of the reasons why tax accuracy is so important to an organization and how any shortcomings can interfere with compliance, lead to audit risk, and affect staff allocation. He also explains the role a trusted tax engine can have in improving the auditor's role and optimizing staff allocation.

tax matters podcast: mid year rules & rates

  • 1:00 - Larry's professional history at Vertex, in their tax office and working on the software 
  • 1:45 - Why does tax automation software differ from native ERP tools? 
  • 2:45 - Common challenges of accurate taxation 
  • 3:45 - Changing rules for sales and use tax assessment 
  • 5:30 - Top challenges in staying compliant 
  • 6:15 - How reporting to tax jurisdictions works with a tax engine 
  • 7:10 - Have tax jurisdictions adapted to receiving data from tax engines? 
  • 8:30 - Reporting for auditors 
  • 9:45 - How tax engine deployment improves staff allocation

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