Transforming Tax and Finance with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Vertex Inc. Tax Automation

Changes in sales, use, and value added tax around the world reflect other key shifts in local and global economies. As B2B and B2C commerce accelerated into digital channels starting in 2020, businesses were forced to not only reconcile their finances differently but contend with any manual processes that would hold up their ability to levy and pay taxes. At the same time, companies have expanded geographically or digitally at a rapid rate, making their tax burdens more complex. 

Watch on our on-demand webcast and explore the state of tax automation in Dynamics 365 ERP applications and how it aligns with the ongoing shift to the cloud. After watching, you will gain an understanding of: 

  • The evolution of sales and use taxes already underway 
  • Sales tax in the context of customer engagement processes
  • The future outlook of sales and use tax, including real-time remittance and compliance

Our Partnership with Microsoft Dynamics

Vertex offers tightly coupled tax solutions into a large number of the Dynamics ERP platforms, allowing companies of all sizes to manage their entire business effectively.

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