Tax Challenges Affecting the Manufacturing Industry

Alleviate Burdens with Vertex Tax Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365


In recent years, the global manufacturing industry has faced a tremendous shakeup driven by supply chain disruption, pricing increases across commodities, and labor shortages. As a result of this disruption, manufacturing organizations are going global, embracing ecommerce, and choosing the right digital platforms to make it easier, selling more services and types of services to a greater variety of customers, and adopting cloud-based solutions to reduce cost and complexity. This includes their tax software.

This whitepaper walks through:

  • Why tax should move to the cloud
  • 5 reasons manufacturers need more than ERPs
         1. ERPs often aren’t flexible enough
         2. Custom solutions become a necessary burden
         3. Maintaining customization never ends
         4. Qualifying exemptions and regional requirements are unclear
         5. Accelerating global requirements
  • How Vertex helps manufacturers
  • An overview of the Vertex solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Vertex’s longstanding partnership with Microsoft

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Our Partnership with Microsoft Dynamics

Vertex offers tightly coupled tax solutions into a large number of the Dynamics ERP platforms, allowing companies of all sizes to manage their entire business effectively.

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