Accelerate Tax Automation Integration for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Vertex Inc. Tax Solutions

The world of indirect tax never stands still. With everchanging tax rates and rules, time is of the essence for companies implementing a tax automation solution to help them stay compliant. This is why we developed the Vertex® Indirect Tax Accelerator for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. By leveraging an intuitive user experience design, our tax integration solution improves time-to-value by streamlining the tax engine integration process and ongoing updates to tax content. 

In this webcast, you’ll hear insights on this exciting new release and learn how companies can

  • Realize the full potential of the Vertex® Indirect Tax Accelerator for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP
  • Benefit from the basic setups and advanced activities like rules-based parameter mapping
  • Utilize the import master data setup from Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP to accelerate implementation time and reduce data entry risks
  • Understand how our simplified and comprehensive tax integration solution will allow intuitive monitoring of various transaction flows

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