Taking the Pain Out of Tax with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Leverage a powerful connector that enables tax automation within Microsoft Dynamics applications.

Taking The Pain out of Tax with Microsoft Dynamics 365

For companies doing business globally, there are over 19,000 taxing jurisdictions with different rates, regulations, and requirements. It’s up to businesses to keep up with the latest tax rates and requirements to calculate sales, use, and value added tax (VAT) accurately on every transaction.

That’s why many companies solve the problem by integrating a 3rd party tax engine to automate the maintenance of tax data and tax calculation across their Microsoft D365 applications.

In this eBook we will walk you through:

  • Tax calculation integrations across the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Benefits of integrating a tax engine across Microsoft D365 applications
  • How the Vertex solutions for Microsoft D365 work
  • An overview of the Vertex and Microsoft Partnership

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Our Partnership with Microsoft Dynamics

Vertex offers tightly coupled tax solutions into a large number of the Dynamics ERP platforms, allowing companies of all sizes to manage their entire business effectively.

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