Tackling Tax Friction Caused by Consumer, Legislative, and Corporate Changes

Featuring real-world insight from Albertson’s Grocery Store

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Tax departments at retail organizations work hard to keep their companies compliant while allowing their checkout lines to keep
moving and the business to flow smoothly. However, there are three big sources of friction that hinder their efforts.

  1. Changing Consumer Expectations/Behaviors
  2. Constantly Changing and Nuanced Legislation
  3. Corporate Strategic Initiatives

In this environment, retailers need to build robust systems and business models that are agile and quickly adapt to these changes,
especially when it comes to financial and tax processes. This eBook dives deeper into these sources of friction, what they mean for your business, and the best practices to overcome them. 

Read more from our experts Frank Vasi, Tax Manager of Albertsons Inc., Matt Thoman, Retail Solution Owner at Vertex, and Tatyana Martinez, Principal Lead Retail Consultant at Vertex.

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A Tax Solution for Retail

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