Strength in Numbers: A Coronavirus Update

Trying times reveal the inner strength of communities. We’ve seen that illustrated locally and globally as the coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread in recent weeks. The same inner-strength dynamic holds true for our community of stakeholders at Vertex that includes employees, customers, partners and others in our global tax and technology ecosystem.

As the impacts of the pandemic continue to unfold, Vertex remains committed to taking strong actions and making thoughtful adjustments. In recent days, we’ve instituted travel restrictions, implemented remote working protocols for all of our global office locations, established a taskforce dedicated to addressing coronavirus-related developments and enhanced communications with our board of directors and owners, who remain highly supportive of our actions.

Thanks to these efforts and our robust business continuity management capability, we do not currently anticipate interruption to the services we provide to customers and other stakeholders.

Our long-standing investments in, and planning for, business continuity during potential short and long‐term system outages, loss of facilities, unavailability of staff and loss of critical third‐party vendors make us feel well-equipped to prevent interruption to our operations.

We’ll continue to monitor daily pandemic developments and align our decisions with guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and other public health authorities. Our experts are also closely tracking economic stimulus responses to coronavirus to help customers understand and leverage the numerous tax relief mechanisms within those legislative measures.

What Vertex offers to our customers and other stakeholders via our 40-plus-year brand of trust and caring will not change. However, as our early COVID-19 responses show, how we deliver on our ongoing promise to you will continue to adapt, quickly and effectively, as needed throughout the duration of this severe challenge to our global community.

For more information on how this healthcare crisis is impacting businesses, we have compiled a list of resources that provide the latest tax implications at the international, U.S. federal and state levels.

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David DeStefano: President, CEO and Chairperson of the Board at Vertex Inc. Vertex delivers the world’s most valued tax solutions for companies to connect, transact, and comply while growing their business.

David DeStefano

President, CEO and Chairperson of the Board

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