Preparing Your Business for Global Growth: Streamlining Cross-Border Tax Compliance

As consumers have shifted toward digital engagement with brands and retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity to expand and reach customers globally has never been bigger. But as you build your strategy for international growth, one of the biggest challenges you will face is ensuring compliance with the many tax and regulatory requirements of the countries and regions where you will be doing business.

Depending upon your business model and plans for expansion, there are a variety of tax and compliance requirements that you will have to comply with – from Value Added Tax to trademark tax, import and export taxes, etc. And while Oracle applications offer some capabilities to help address these requirements, without the right strategy and tools, cross-border tax compliance can become very difficult and costly to manage. 

In this webcast, Peter Boerhof, Director of VAT at Vertex Inc., Khaled Abdou, Product Manager of VAT Compliance at Vertex Inc., and William Roper, Solutions Consultant for North America Alliances & Channels at Oracle Corporation, share best practices and insights that you can use to streamline global tax determination and compliance. 

Watch this webcast to learn about:

  • The current global tax and regulatory landscape and what you need to know to ensure cross-border tax compliance
  • How to extend the capabilities of your Oracle applications with Vertex tax solutions to reduce manual processes, streamline tax determination and reduce risk
  • Case studies, metrics, and shared learning from your peers

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