Optimizing the Path to Global Expansion: Tools and Tech to Drive Success

Global communication network

Global commerce has existed since as long ago as the heyday of the Silk Road, and in our century, it’s being fueled by the phenomenal growth of online marketplaces. These low-barrier points of entry do more than generate sales; they also allow brands to test the waters of new markets, gathering invaluable consumer, market, and product data in the process.

In this eBook we will examine:

  • Five important questions retailers and brands need to consider as they pursue global growth
  • The ways marketplaces like Alibaba.com can help not only with selling but also sourcing products with advanced visual search tools, VR, and live streaming
  • 2023’s global growth “hot spots”
  • The impact of more than 1 billion digital natives, located in eight African and Asian countries, who already are (or soon will be entering) their prime spending years as consumers

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