Opening the "Black Box": How to Automate VAT in Your Business

Virtual Vertex Exchange Europe 2020 Episode 2 | Learn how Vertex O Series addresses growing tax complexity.

Learn how Vertex boost efficiency by streamlining tax processes and addressing common gaps in your tax and IT functions.

About this Webcast

Indirect tax is complex and changing more rapidly than ever, increasing the need to get VAT right upfront.

As complexity increases, more and more businesses are looking to 3rd party tax engines to automate VAT in their systems. (ERPs, e-commerce platforms, procurement platforms, etc.) 

This webcast will take you ‘under the hood’ of the Vertex tax engine and explain:

  • What a tax engine is and why businesses use them 
  • How Vertex customers use the Vertex Indirect Tax O Series platform

Opening the ‘Black Box’

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