New Business Models In A New Global Landscape

Global expansion offers important opportunities for retailers, but those that grow successfully share some key traits.

Vertex Inc.

As we see more and more retail companies change the way they do business, new business models are emerging globally and at an astounding speed. These changes have direct and indirect impacts on processes and customer experience.

Too often, as they expand globally, organizations learn after the fact, that they’re illequipped from a technology standpoint to overcome the challenges in front of them. True globalization spans much more than just language, currency and other obvious global differences. 

Vertex Inc.
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In this e-book we identify the challenges and opportunities this new landscape is uncovering and how they are impacting:

  • Platforms - ERP, e-commerce
  • Selling Models - Direct to consumer, Omni-channel, Brick & Mortar
  • Legislation - Real-time Reporting
  • Tax - Collection, Reporting
  • Customer ExperienceReturns

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