Managing Global VAT – How to Implement a Tax Engine for VAT

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Tax departments are increasingly seeking tax engine solutions for the automation of VAT activities. In this Webinar, DMA and Vertex present a practical and viable approach to the implementation of a tax engine for VAT, with a focus on the key items and issues to consider through the entire implementation cycle. The webinar also considers and discusses the pros and cons of a tax engine versus using native ERP functionality for VAT and will provide essential insights to consider when determining which tax engine solutions best fit your company profile.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How to implement a tax engine for VAT
  • Key considerations through the entire implementation
  • Essential considerations to determine the tax engine solution that best fits your company profile
  • How to sell your project to your stakeholders and build a business case

Managing Global VAT – How to Implement a Tax Engine for VAT

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