Leading with CX: Co-Innovation Fuels Early Adopter Program

Steve Jobs once pointed out that successful innovators tend to start their creative process by focusing on the customer experience (CX) and then “work back toward the technology.” Vertex is embracing a similar approach as we draw on our 40-year heritage of tax technology and regulatory reporting innovations and experience to develop the next generation of value added tax (VAT) compliance solutions.

Leading with CX: Co-Innovation Fuels Early Adopter Program

Our forthcoming cloud-based VAT compliance solution – which supports periodic filings, as well as real-time data transmission for multiple countries while enhancing data transparency, auditability and controls – will address current reporting challenges while positioning companies to easily respond to rapidly evolving complex new requirements.

That’s what we’re doing. How we’re executing this strategy is equally important, especially given that we operate in an era of CX in which understanding and satisfying those needs drive a competitive advantage. Peer into any successful CX strategy today and you’ll discover at its core the ability to listen to customers and incorporate those insights into product and service innovations and improvements. That’s why Vertex has committed to a customer co-innovation process as the driving force behind our development of new solutions.

Our Early Adopter Program for global VAT compliance represents a new opportunity for customers to collaborate with us in developing and delivering a long-term global VAT compliance solution that will provide accuracy, control and scalability for growing multi-national organizations. To be sure, this sort of technology innovation represents the finish line; getting there begins with customer co-innovation.

To learn more about our Early Adopter Program, please contact Aleksandra Bal, senior product manager, at aleksandra.bal@vertexinc.com.

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Aleksandra Bal

Indirect Tax Technology Expert

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Aleksandra Bal is senior product manager, responsible for leading the further development of Vertex VAT reporting and compliance solutions. Aleksandra has extensive experience in international taxation and VAT, including managing and developing digital solutions and digital transformation initiatives. A published author and speaker, Aleksandra holds a Ph.D. in virtual currency and blockchain, as well as several other advanced degrees and designations of distinction.

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