Introducing Vertex Payroll Tax

A Proven Payroll Tax Engine for Your HCM/Staffing Solution

There’s no question payroll tax has become significantly more complex. And legislative changes are sure to continue as state and local governments deal with the post-pandemic economy and budget shortfalls. Now more than ever, your HCM application needs proven tax capabilities with reliable research at the core.

Vertex provides a real-time payroll tax engine that integrates easily to increase the value of your HCM and staffing solution. 

  • Complete coverage of US and Canada payroll tax rates, formulas, and regulations at the federal, state, and local level, even complex scenarios.
  • Easy mapping to pre-defined compensations and deductions.
  • Configurable overrides, and custom compensations and deductions for special scenarios.
  • Pinpoint tax jurisdiction accuracy with geo-spatial technology and address cleansing.
  • REST APIs that support both J-SON and XML payloads. 
  • And flexibility to deploy on the Vertex Cloud Platform, your own cloud, or on-premise, whichever best meets  your needs.

Equally important to choosing the right tax engine is choosing the right provider. Vertex is the market leader with a 40-year reputation for excellence.

  • Over half the Fortune 500 as well as leading HCM application providers choose Vertex for reliable tax calculation. 
  • A team of experienced payroll tax research professionals maintain a proprietary tax content database.
  • An award-winning Support team ensures our customers and partners maximize the value of their tax engine.
  • And customer satisfaction ratings consistently rank at the highest levels.

Watch the video to learn about the market leading choice for payroll tax accuracy, and the premier tax technology partnership.

Vertex Payroll Tax

A powerful SaaS-based payroll tax calculation solution for HCM and Staffing applications to improve accuracy and reduce risk.

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