Accuracy and Agility: The Procurement Function, Global Supply Chains, and Tax Complexity

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Discover what 900+ experts from the world’s leading enterprises (Dell, Deloitte, Nokia, etc.) say are their top challenges to indirect tax within cross-border supply chains – and the two essential components to better tax determination in support of procurement and supply chain agility. 

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  • Understand the current challenges facing experts across tax, procurement, finance, and IT 
  • Learn why tax automation is necessary but the current levels of automation are insufficient 
  • Discover what your company needs to reduce tax bandwidth, mitigate errors, and improve cross-functional relations

Here’s sneak peak of what’s inside!

  • 73% of AP departments spend 13 to 24 hours/mo. on tax changes
  • 59% of IT expends high levels of effort to maintain tax environments 
  • 25% of the tax function is never involved in evaluating procurement solutions

“To remain competitive, reinventing your supply base is a strategic imperative.” Darrell Edwards, Chief Operations Officer of La-Z-Boy

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Understanding Indirect Tax in the Procurement Process

There’s a vital connection between procurement and tax—and not understanding the connection may undermine your organization’s transformation.

Tax & IT need to collaborate when looking at tax automation for their ERP and other financial systems.