How to Manage the Accelerating Finance (and Tax) Transformation

COVID-19 fast-tracked digital transformation efforts and triggered the rethinking of business strategies across all industries. Those elated pursuits will continue to flourish in a post-pandemic environment, according to KPMG research. Since cloud migration marks a foundational enabler of the corporate finance group’s transformation, finance leaders – and their tax colleagues – are rethinking and reimagining core processes and supporting technologies. Vertex and KPMG’s upcoming webcast can arm you with information to strengthen these activities.

Companies will continue to “double down on digital,” according to KPMG’s 2021 CEO Outlook Pulse Survey: “as companies move from crisis mode and attempt to normalize operations, CEOs are shifting their focus to … differentiating themselves through their digital connectivity with customers.” 

This priority is especially noteworthy in light of the impressive digital transformation strides many organizations notched in response to the pandemic’s numerous impacts throughout 2020 and into this year. Seventy-four percent of business leaders report that the digitization of their operations and creating a next-generation operating model, have accelerated by a matter of months (a significant increase from the 50% of CEOs who indicate the same when surveyed back in August 2020). 

The current survey also indicates that most chief executives plan to spend more money on digital technologies in 2021 than last year. 

The trick, of course, resides in an organization’s ability to maximize the returns on those investments. Achieving that objective is the focus of an upcoming Vertex webcast, “Optimizing for the Future: Accelerating the Transformation of Finance with Oracle Cloud,” featuring presentations from Vertex and KPMG finance and tax technology experts.

The session is designed to help finance and tax teams:

  • Get a firm grasp on current drivers and objectives of digital transformation;
  • Optimize their cloud migration endeavours; and
  • Ensure that tax compliance risks are understood and addressed during cloud migration initiatives. 

Click here to register for the upcoming Vertex and KPMG webcast.

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