How To Create Your Own Tax Technology Success Story: Cloud Migration Edition

Watch this webcast to learn more about migrating your tax processes to the cloud.

Migrating Your Tax Processes to the Cloud with Vertex tax automation

Webcast Overview

The Need for Digital Transformation for Tax

Many businesses are pivoting to meet business initiatives around digital transformation in order to modernize processes, increase workflow efficiency, comply with external pressures from competitors, integrate with your existing ERP, and more.

Implementation of a new tax technology throughout your business can make it easier to scale for growth, as well as integrate with your ERP, point of sale (POS), and subscription billing service. According to a survey conducted by, 78% of IT professionals expect digital transformation to greatly impact their organization within a year. How are you going to change your business?

Heather Ingram, cloud practice leader from Vertex Consulting, and Vince Morasco, cloud manager from Vertex Product Management, walks you through multiple areas to consider before, during, and post-migration. In this webcast, you will learn how to successfully

  • Establish a firm foundation for your IT and tax teams
  • Plan for the unknown
  • Measure the outcomes of your investment

Choosing a Cloud-Based Tax Solution

In this customer story, we hear from Muhammed Salahuddin, a tax accountant who switched from an on-premise tax solution to Vertex Cloud Indirect Tax.

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