Hot Diggity Dog! Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

Since the beginning of time, philosophers have debated the questions that define us as humans: Where did our universe come from? What is the meaning of life? Is a hot dog a sandwich?

Vertex Inc.

According to The New York State Department of Taxation, a sandwich can be cold or hot and is prepared and ready to be eaten, whether made on bread, on bagels, on rolls, in pitas, in wraps, or otherwise, and regardless of the filling or number of layers. To be subject to sales tax, a sandwich can be as simple as a buttered bagel or roll, or as elaborate as a six-foot, toasted submarine sandwich. This means that for sales tax purposes in New York, a hot dog is considered taxable.

So next time you’re at a barbeque with family and friends in the Empire State, remember that a hot dog is a sandwich and it is taxable!

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