Guide to a Successful CIO-CPO Relationship

Discover how these two roles can collaborate to drive the organization's digital transformation.

Within the first few years of our fledgling decade, we’ve already experienced major changes to the interactions and tools of the workplace that we once took for granted. Procurement has also emerged into the 20s as a force for stability and strategic innovation within the business. By balancing the protection of the bottom line with an eye for value delivery, procurement professionals have been able to help their organizations weather a storm of unpredictable business conditions and protect their continued operations. 

In last year’s CIO-CPO study, the WBR Insights research team focused on how far procurement had come in taking on responsibility for technology sourcing. 

Download this report to gain insights into the progress that CPOs and their IT counterparts are making in establishing flexible working environments. We also explore how these two roles are collaborating in the adoption of new technologies into procurement processes, what steps they believe they need to take to coordinate new technology efforts, and what strategies they are planning to pursue while entering a potentially transformative decade.

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