What Finance Leaders Need to Know About Data Integrity to Maintain VAT Compliance

Despite seeking consensus on a global minimum corporate tax rate, many countries remain committed to setting their own rules concerning value-added tax (VAT). Amid a patchwork of indirect tax regulations that are unique to each country and, in some countries, unique to individual jurisdictions within them, companies face the perpetual challenge of complying with VAT requirements and ensuring the integrity of the data that underlies their VAT returns.

In this on-demand webcast, discover how tax technology can help your company improve tax data quality and provide an audit trail to confidently approach VAT compliance. 

By watching this on-demand webcast, you will learn about:

  • Data integrity challenges that are most prevalent among companies preparing VAT returns
  • Technological advances that enable companies to increase return data accuracy, reduce audit risk, and increase tax staff efficiency
  • Best practices companies can use to maintain compliance as VAT requirements continue to evolve.

Meet VAT reporting requirements with confidence

Learn how automating your VAT reporting can enhance processes so you can meet today’s VAT filing requirements while having the ability to respond to tomorrow’s business opportunities with confidence.

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