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    The Advantage of Accuracy and Compliance for Marketplace Operators

    With the rise in the popularity of online marketplaces amongst consumers, both traditional and non-traditional retailers have raced to launch their own marketplaces and leverage 3rd-party marketplaces as an additional channel to drive revenue.


    Edge Computing: Bringing Processing Closer to the Transaction

    Edge computing can help tax groups improve connectivity, availability, security and customer experience by moving the processing closer to the transaction. Vertex O Series Edge gives retailers access to these benefits and more.


    Advanced Tax Automation = Recruiting + Retention Benefits

    Tax groups with the latest tax automation solutions in place also realize recruiting and retention advantages that have growing increasingly valuable as the talent crunch demonstrates stronger staying power.


    Five Realities Reshaping the Indirect Tax Landscape

    Changes arising from the Supreme Court’s 2018 Wayfair decision were followed by disruptions from the COVID-19 outbreak. For companies that continue to grapple with both, tax technology offers a way forward to more proactive, resilient, as well as insight-driven processes and strategies.


    Sales Tax Audits: A Refresher

    Don’t wait to make improvements after an audit concludes. Read more to learn why transaction teams need to revisit and refresh their auditing strategies.


    Indirect Tax: Your Complete Tech Toolkit

    Indirect tax is a notoriously tough nut to crack for even the most tech-savvy organizations. But tax leaders can call on a surprisingly broad array of automation solutions.

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