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    4 Areas a ‘Services’ RFP Should Address

    When it comes to comparing different types of requests for proposal (RFPs), software RFPs would be apples and services RFPs would be oranges. Therefore, tax managers preparing an RFP for a service should keep in mind the differences between the two types, and that the creation of services RFPs requires a specialized approach.

    Tax Outsourcing is Heating Up

    According to research from Deloitte, outsourcing is on the rise: 30 percent of companies surveyed "plan to increase their use of outsourcing for finance and accounting," which often includes outsourcing sales and use tax compliance. One of the primary drivers of this trend, according to the report, is the increased business flexibility that outsourcing enables.

    Temps and Tax Returns - Think Twice

    Recently, I attended the Association of Consumer Vehicle Lessors (ACVL) annual conference in New Orleans, where many of the country’s leading vehicle lessors met to discuss numerous business topics, including tax.

    How to Hire a Returns Outsourcing Provider

    At first glance, the process of selecting a sales and use tax returns outsourcing provider may appear complicated. The nature and quality of service these outsourcers deliver varies, often in important ways. Some outsourcers are true “partners;” others are little more than a collection of temp workers.

    Common Misconceptions about Returns Outsourcing

    As we talk to tax executives across the U.S. about sales and use tax returns outsourcing, we’ve found there are a number of misconceptions that prevent companies from considering this option. Understanding the truth about the issues and the marketplace offerings will prove that returns outsourcing can be a valuable alternative for a tax department.

    Can Tax Returns Outsourcing Actually Improve Control?

    If you've ever driven on an icy road and started to slide, it helps to regain control by steering into the skid. While that guidance sounds counterintuitive, it happens to work quite well.

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