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    Vertex Product Managers Operate as Intrapreneurs

    As one of the leading algorithmic software companies, Vertex believes the vision, creativity, and ownership entrepreneurs routinely display also serve product managers well.

    VAT and Emerging Technology Expert Joins Vertex

    I’m pleased to announce that Vertex continues to enhance our strong presence in Europe with the hiring of Aleksandra Bal. Aleksandra is a leading thinker, writer and speaker on value added tax, blockchain technology and the implications of virtual currency on tax policy among related topics.

    Why Tax Should Give a Rip about RPA

    Robotic process automation—an application of technology aimed at streamlining enterprise operations and automating mundane tasks—is poised to make huge inroads into corporate processes across the board – and tax is no exception.

    Vertex Solutions Earn Highest Rating from Users

    We at Vertex are proud, and humbled, to report on some favorable software ratings we recently earned. We’re proud because two of our offerings (Vertex Cloud and Vertex O Series) are ranked as two of the top three corporate tax solutions and also placed in G2 Crowd’s “Leader quadrant.” We’re humbled because these rankings are directly based on input collected from end users.

    Learning Lab #4 Part I: Fear not the AI

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating a tremendous buzz in the tech industry and far beyond, yet it seems to inspire fear rather than excitement for many. 

    Vertex Honors Eight Tax Technology Innovators

    Congratulations to AmeriGas, Duracell, Espresso Services, L.L. Bean, Microsoft and Northern Tool + Equipment for their highly innovative use of tax technology!

    Learning Lab #3 – Blockchain: Your New Permanent Record

    Decades ago, the phrase “permanent record” alarmed high school students who worried that their bad behavior might have undesirable consequences in the distant future. Today, the ubiquity of social media and mobile devices gives new meaning to the phrase. 

    Learning Lab #2: Big Data and Predictive Analytics

    People have always longed for the ability to predict the future. Today, many hope that big data and predictive analytics will help them do so. Although big data and predictive analytics can deliver major benefits, it is important to understand what they can realistically help organizations achieve.

    Learning Lab #1: Internet of Things

    While most of us are trying to get our heads around what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, many of our devices have started using IoT (also known as “ubiquitous computing”) information. This exchange of information often takes place without our knowledge, and it’s already influencing how we experience the world.

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