EU VAT 2021 Changes

Discover how to prepare your e-commerce platform to remain compliant.

Vertex Tax Integrations for E-Commerce

If you are a European business selling goods to consumers in other EU member States, or UK-based business selling goods to EU consumers – you need to start getting your e-commerce platform ready for July 2021 to comply with local VAT requirements.  

Download the white paper from KPMG and Vertex to learn more about:

  • The changes coming into effect in 2021
  • What to do now if your business might be affected by the 2021 VAT on e-commerce rules
  • How tax automation can help address the VAT 2021 challenges 

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Also, listen to this EU VAT 2021 webcast for detailed insight into the practical steps you can take to prepare your e-commerce system for these changes.

Leading Solutions for Value Added Tax

VAT determination is no easy feat. To lighten the time, costs, and resources used for these global challenges, companies are turning to tax automation.

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