Future Ready: Tax Optimization in the SAP Ecosystem

AI, RPA, OCR, ML, advanced analytics and other emerging technologies will equip SAP customers with powerful new tax management capabilities.

Future Ready: Tax Optimization in the SAP Ecosystem

Emerging technologies like AI, RPA, OCR, ML, and advanced analytics are enhancing tax management capabilities in the SAP ecosystem. These technologies empower tax professionals by automating repetitive tasks, improving data analysis, and offering valuable insights for strategic decision-making. However, they also pose challenges such as the need for clean data, additional human oversight, and new skills. 

While these advancements are unlikely to replace tax professionals, they will enable them to focus on higher-value contributions. As these technologies evolve rapidly, tax groups should monitor developments and best practices to optimize their use in the SAP ecosystem. 

Learn the latest best practices from industry experts at Vertex and DMA on:

  • What is AI, RPA, ML? Why are they such hot topics?
  • What does a tax dept do that can and can’t be replaced by technology?
  • How can ChatGPT be used for the tax function?
  • How will it impact tax consulting?
  • Where does current technology available to SAP customers fit in this?

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